Maxton MX30 Olifant

Maxcom MM724
Maxcom MM724
in natural rhythm
Maxcom MM724
w naturalnym rytmie
In harmony with nature
MX30 Olifant mobile speaker is made of valued and certified australian beech. Highest quality of wood and original, minimalistic design makes the elephant a decoration of child's room.
Maxcom MM724
On the way to development
Olifant is a perfect companion for children's audiobooks. Read fairy tales are developmental alternative to television, and relaxation helps your toddler calm and prepare it's mind to sleep. You can quickly and easily connect the speaker to any device within range of 10 meters. Olifant can also be used as a comfortable phone stand.
Maxcom MM724
The wireless form allows you to freely change location and listen to favorite fairy tale during play on carpet or in bed, before a nap. Everything happens without cables or additional accessories that can disturb harmony and safety of children's indoor.
Maxcom MM724
Wood makes a solid support for the transducer and passive diaphragm. Thanks to that Olifant offers clear, rich and dinamic sound. Endurant battery ensures uninterrupted operation of MX30 speaker for up to even 8 hours. 2 hours is enough for fully charging the device.
Drewno stanowi solidne oparcie dla przetwornika i membrany biernej. Dzięki temu Olifant oferuje czysty, soczysty i dynamiczny dźwięk. Wytrzymała bateria zapewnia nieprzerwane działanie głośnika MX30 nawet do 8 godzin. 2 godziny wystarczą do pełnego załadowania urządzenia.
Maxcom MM724
Specyfikacja techniczna
Power [W]: 3 Battery operating time [h]: 8 Charging time [h] – 2 Li-Po battery: 1500 mAh Power – Rechargeable battery Depth [mm] - 56 Width [mm] - 138 Height [mm] - 88 Weight [g] - 260 Color – australian beech wood Chargin through microUSB Compatible with: Wireless devices or 3.5 mm input cable. Connection range: 10 m Hands-free mode, Impedance: 4 Ohm, Connectors - Jack 3.5. mm, Micro USB Frequency response (min.) - 160 Hz Frequency response (maks.) - 16000 Hz Sound system - monophonic
Passive diaphragm
Equipment - 3.5 mm audio cable, Power cable
Maxton MX30 OlifantMaxcom EAN5908235974743

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Power 3W
Ilość głośników 1
Passive membrane Tak - membrana bierna
Frequency response 160-16000Hz
Aluminium body Eco
Hands-free calls No
Battery Litowo-jonowa
Battery (mAh) 1500
Avg. Operating time 8H (with 60% of power)
Aux-in 3,5mm Yes
Gniazdo kart micro SD Nie
Noise character modified by basis Nie
Build in microphone No
S/N ratio 80dB
Weight (g) 260
Dimentions (mm) 138 × 88 × 56 mm
Inne Power Saver
Ean 5908235974743


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Make sure the SIM Card is installed correctly.
The phone might be switched off. To switch it on, press the End Call key (red receiver) for about 3 seconds.If you have not used the phone for a long time, the battery might be “deeply-discharged”; to recover a deeply-discharged battery leave your charger
If the user is out of the country and ROAMING is enabled, the phone will automatically log in to the foreign telephone network. To learn more, contact your service provider.
If there is a message „Does not work” on the LED display, it means there is no signal or no funds available on the account. In such a case, making emergency calls to 112 will be possible if the user is within the network of any other provider.Places such
The keypad lock is enabled. To unlock the keypad press the Left Function Key, and then * (star).
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