Maxcom at MWCA 2018

Maxcom also appeared in Times Square in New York.

Maxcom, started its expansion in the markets of North, South and Central America. Flagship solutions and the latest products were presented by the company during one of the most important events in the region, MWC Americas.

We are successfully selling equipment in Europe. We see, however, global potential for our products and that is why time has come for America. Conducted research, allow us to assess that overseas find buyers, especially on our revolutionary smartphone "for everyone" or Maxcom MS459 Harmony. We expect it could be a hit in those markets. -This is a model that arouses great positive emotions wherever we present it.

The Maxcom MS459 Harmony gives you access to your phone's functions from your computer or other device anytime, anywhere. Intuitive software, in turn, a tribute to people with worse hearing, poor eyesight and poor motility of the fingers. The model is also equipped with a multi-function Help button, which in the event of an accident sends emergency messages along with the location or calls the indicated number.

MS459 HHarmony and other Maxcom flagship products could be viewed at the Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles, which ran from 12 to 14 September 2018.

MWC Americas is the most important industry event in the region, therefore it can not be there when we plan to expand on those markets. The largest technology fair is always an excellent time and place to meet business partners and the opportunity to establish contacts and cooperation. MWC Americas are all the more important for Maxcom that it presented itself for the first time.

Among what Maxcom shows overseas are also:

Maxcom MK241 and Maxcom MK281 - classic phones with 4G and VoWiFi and VoLTE connectivity, with KaiOS software and smartphone functions, including access to Facebook, Google Maps and games,
Maxcom MS571 - a rugged smartphone designed for people working in difficult conditions and practicing extreme sports,
Comfort and Classic phones, among them the Maxcom MM751 model, combining a modern look with options that are helpful to seniors,
smartwatches, smartband and enhanced Bluetooth speakers.

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